Team Order Information

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Is there an order minimum for team purchases?
Yes! We require a minimum of 5 pieces or more for a custom order.

What is a custom team order?
For a custom team order, we put the design into your hands! Your options include:

  1. PERSONALIZATION: Pick from one of our ready made apparel logos and we will personalize the design you’ve chosen with your team name, unit, designation, location, or healthcare facility name. For example, you can request our ECG Heart design personalized with “Unit 5 – Emergency” or “Toronto Emerg”
  2. NEW DESIGN: Our design specialist can work with you to create a new custom logo/design unique to your team.

What type of apparel is available?

Our products include: short sleeve T-shirts, crewnecks, long sleeve shirts, and hoodies.

Garment colours include: grey, black, white, and navy 

Writing colours include: grey, black, white

We can accommodate all preferences! If your team wants uniformity, you can decide on one colour and one garment (IE all order a grey hoodie with white writing). If your team wants individuality, you can each pick a colour and garment (IE 5 people want blue T-shirts and 5 want black hoodies).

What sizes do you have available?
Our products range from XS- 4XL in most garments. Depending on availability of sizes, delivery/shipping can vary. For more information on garment sizing, see our Size Guide page for charts and exact measurements.

What is the pricing for each style?

If you are using an existing design with PERSONALIZATION, there is no cost or additional fee.

If you would like to create a NEW DESIGN with our graphic specialist, there is an additional fee of $4 per garment.

What is the order process like?
The first step in the process is to submit your order form indicating design, colour options, garment choice, and sizing. Once we receive your order form, we will contact you to confirm the specifications. After approval, we get right to work!

How long will our team order take?
Depending on the size of the order, approximate time to prepare can range from 2-3 weeks not including shipping.

What is your exchange/return policy?
Due to the customized nature of unit orders, we are unable to oƦer exchanges or returns. We do, however, value your satisfaction so please reach out if there are any concerns with your order.

How do I get started?

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